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Thursday, March 31, 2011


The past couple of weeks have seen some of us totally shocked. Why, you may ask. And my reply, why not? A whole continent stood silent while one of its member States (which was probably the most peaceful, promising and progressive) is being laid siege to by hounds from the West under the guise of wanting peace in that country. Admitted, Col. Gathafi may have overstepped the bounds of leadership when he started killing demonstrators. But the question to be asked is “How soon can a band of peaceful and spontaneous demonstrators become a hardened gang of Rebels, wielding tanks and other sophisticated weapons?”

In recent times, a wave of demonstrations has spread through some Northern African States, most of which have turned violent. The commonest reason by the demonstrators irrespective of their origin has been the fact that leadership in their respective countries was either insensitive to their needs or had been in power too long. Often times, these demonstrators have succeeded in getting their way prompting a change in leadership, usually with very little violence. However, Libya appears to be an exception. Gathafi appears to have played directly into the hands of some unseen conspirator(s).

Gathafi has always not been the best friend of some Western States, especially the most powerful ones. He has always advocated for a United Africa, just like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah dreamed of. The obvious conclusion can only be drawn from the way the West handled/is handling these two.

Let’s take a moment to look at what USA did to Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah. He was the target of a series of assassination attempts which gradually pushed him to become paranoid and ended up making certain political decisions which later came to haunt him. First, he instituted the law that made it possible for a person to be arrested and held indefinitely without trial. Secondly, and sadly so, he made Ghana a one-party State. These same reasons were what his detractors cited as the reason for his overthrow. However, it is now common knowledge among Ghanaians that USA aided the coup makers to overthrow Nkrumah thereby overthrowing the dreams of Ghana becoming an industrialized Nation. Ghana has still not recovered, thanks to the puppet strings controlling most of her political leaders and the false promise of a better world anywhere in the world apart from Ghana, which the young and enterprising youth have been made to believe.

Gathafi has also been led to make the same mistake. He sought to use force to stamp out people who were portrayed by the media as “Demonstrators” but whom he saw as “Rebels”. The use of force was subsequently reported by these media thus winning international sympathy for the Demonstrators/Rebels. Now, Gathafi is made out to be the bad person. As is to be expected, USA has gotten UN to grant her permission to enforce a no-fly in Libya where only US and French, and now NATO fighters can fly and bomb Libyan targets at will (when anti-aircraft missiles could have been used to prevent Gathafi’s planes from flying and thus avoid the indiscriminate bombing of innocents).

If you ask me, this trick is as old as the vanishing coin act.

a. Plant people within the area you wish to destabilize, preferably co-opted, corrupted or disgruntled members of that same society.

b. As they infiltrate, give them the means to cause little, isolated acts which will only serve to incite established authority to action.

c. Make sure the media is readied to capture the reaction of authority, with a slant in favour of the inciters, who are to be portrayed as the disadvantaged minority.

d. The UN will be forced to take action. Guess who volunteers to help the UN (you got that right)…ALMIGHTY AMERICA, THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD.

If by this time African leaders have not grown the clout to deal with African problems, then I dare say we are still colonies and have no right to celebrate independence days across Africa. Why is it that America, France, NATO and indeed UN have not attached the same sense of urgency with which they are dealing with Libya? African leaders, be smart.


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