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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

what legacy are we inheriting

When, as young people, we are confronted with problems of life, the tendency in most of us (except the very daring and independently minded) is to seek advice from our forebears. It is no secret that some young married couples still have to factor in the views of their respective in-laws before they make certain decisions affecting their conjugal union. In the light of the above, the older generation of our race is mostly seen as role models who's opinions count in matters of serious living. But recent trends as regards the validity this "role-model" tag placed on our elders puts this assertion under serious criticism.
My stance is that every person, apart from the respect due him/her as a human being has to earn the respect of others. Our elders make certain decisions in the name of comfort and convenience which even the young find difficult to understand. A typical area one might find such funny decisions is in the arena of politics. It is a sorry sight and an audible hell to notice the unprofessional and immature way in which some of our highly esteemed politicians behave. Many are the times when some parliaments around the world are sent into pandemonium and anarchy, the reason being that representatives of the people could not keep their fists unclenched but had to make Mohammed Ali's rumble in the jungle look so little. How then do such MPs hope to tell the youth to stay clear of violence when the very law makers are violent.
They go into politics, many only to seek their personal gains. How can a country survive like that.
That's why many of the youth of today want to live their lives away from the influence of any elderly people. Though not a healthy choice, they feel in those circumstances the mistakes they commit would be their own mistakes and not the double standard measurement of their parents.
We are quick to criticize the youth of having no values but how do we expect people who ordinarily feel their birth was accidental in the light of the fact that they could have been aborted before birth. Whole cultures and heritage of certain countries are dying out simply because there no young people to carry them on. In the name of family planning, countries who were supposed to have known better are now on the brink of total natural annihilation, just like rare species. To meet an indigenous person of that land is actually the exception in certain countries. while I am a staunch believer in globalization, it is just out of place, even in nature to allow a species to die out in its natural habitat. Why would people not leave their inheritance to their pets, simply because they either have no offspring to leave their property to, or that they value their dogs and cats more than the poor people living just on their streets.
For me, if something must be done, this is the time. Why on earth should the government have to beg people to give birth before they do. The lack of respect for life by the young ones can, as blame, be placed squarely on the doorstep of the elderly generation

As Usual, this is purely my opinion. Peace to all who will read this.

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